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Mischief / Re: Nice Things
« Last post by Shelley on Saturday, May 13 2017 11:54AM GMT-1 »
Heading home today after a lovely week being spoilt by my parents!  I didn't get to see Jon Boden in Cheltenham on Thursday as we'd already been over there during the day for Dad's chemo and I didn't feel I could ask Mum to drive me over. 

However, Mum and Dad have put their house on the market, having made the decision to move into a bungalow.  Dad's first batch of chemo in 2015 affected his feet badly and he is finding stairs particularly difficult.  They've found a lovely one just down the road and have made an offer.  I hope their house sells soon, but the estate agent is optimistic as they live in a sought after area.  T!hey are really excited about moving and it has given them the incentive for a major de-clutter.  The bunk beds my sons used to use when they stayed have already gone up to Manchester!

Other nice things - Dad now has a mobility scooter so we went out for a "walk" together - I can't walk very far yet so it was a gentle stroll around the block.

The weather has been glorious for most of the week (lots of rain yesterday though) so we have been in the garden most of the time - I have done so much reading! 

Yesterday we went to a local art museum called Nature in Art that I have never visited before, even though I've been aware of it for most of my life.  We had coffee and cake followed by a gentle amble around the grounds looking at the sculpture, most of it made from reclaimed items.  One piece looked just like the Iron Chicken from the Clangers!  My best friend from school popped in unexpectedly when we got back which was lovely. 

On Sunday I made it to church for the first time since Easter - being a Methodist church we only had to stand for the hymns.  I would never have managed the long Anglican Eucharistic prayer!  Mum books speakers for a group that meets at the church on a Wednesday, imaginatively called "Wednesday Group".  This week's speaker pulled out on Wednesday lunchtime so I spent the afternoon writing a talk about my love of folksong, interspersed with songs of course!  I delivered most of the talk sitting down, but managed the singing (my breath control is not at its best at the moment for obvious reasons).  The talk was a huge hit, and people joined in the choruses - this is a group where the average of those attending is about 80!

It's been very lovely!
Mischief / Re: Nice Things
« Last post by Shelley on Tuesday, May 9 2017 09:45AM GMT-1 »
Happy anniversary! What a lovely way to celebrate it! xxx
Mischief / Re: Nice Things
« Last post by maureen on Monday, May 8 2017 10:40AM GMT-1 »
How romantic! Happy Anniversary Ellie and Chris!
Mischief / Re: Nice Things
« Last post by firebird on Monday, May 8 2017 08:50AM GMT-1 »
It was our first wedding anniversary yesterday - nothing much different to normal (gardening! lots of), but after several years of waiting, husband finally got the telescope out and showed me the the moon, plus Jupiter and 4 of it's moons. Pretty cool. Maybe I won't make him take it apart now...  :D
Mischief / Re: Upcoming gigs
« Last post by Barbara on Friday, May 5 2017 12:44PM GMT-1 »
Sam Sweeney's fiddle workshop tomorrow,
Royal Traditions tomorrow night
Jon Boden May 20th
Mischief / Re: Upcoming gigs
« Last post by strickley on Friday, May 5 2017 11:01AM GMT-1 »
Only two in May

Martin Simpson at Morecambe tonight (5th)
Martyn Joseph at Ellel (Lancaster) 26th

Then nothing until October - when the calendar is well full.
Too much farming in summer!
Mischief / Re: Upcoming gigs
« Last post by Carolyn on Friday, May 5 2017 09:51AM GMT-1 »
Course you could! 
Mischief / Re: Upcoming gigs
« Last post by Shelley on Friday, May 5 2017 07:18AM GMT-1 »
Oooh! I'm in Gloucester next week. I wonder if I could persuade someone to take me to the gig?
Mischief / Re: Upcoming gigs
« Last post by Carolyn on Thursday, May 4 2017 11:00PM GMT-1 »
11th May  Jon Boden at Pittville Pump Rooms
Mischief / Re: Upcoming gigs
« Last post by Vivienne on Thursday, May 4 2017 04:48PM GMT-1 »
9th May - Calan at the Stables
10th May - Lankum (formerly Lynched) at the Stables
19th-21st - Shepley Spring Festival
26th-29th  - Chippenham Folk Festival
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