Author Topic: S&B on Radio 3!  (Read 2698 times)

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S&B on Radio 3!
« on: Tuesday, December 13 2011 11:08PM GMT-1 »
Listening to Radio 3 whilst going to work was surprised to hear "Courting Too Slow" on the Private Passions programme. The punter was someone called Dan Stevens from some TV play or other... Uptown Church?

Turns out he's a mate of JBs!

Anyway, you can find it here for a few more days:

Good show.


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Re: S&B on Radio 3!
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday, December 14 2011 01:21PM GMT-1 »
That would be Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey - he was at the 10th anniversary do at SBE last May - he's rather nice to look at!