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Re: Autumn tour 2012
« Reply #45 on: Monday, October 1 2012 11:08AM GMT-1 »
Me too

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Re: Autumn tour 2012
« Reply #46 on: Monday, October 1 2012 12:39PM GMT-1 »
3rd gig on the trot last night. Yawn.

Last night of the tour at Bury St Edmunds. Despite booking late we had seats in Row B.  :D
Very enjoyable set, though frustrating when they say ' you can get up and dance' and you are trapped in a seat.
And Jon forgot the words to New York Girls  ::)

Lovely to see Lorna and Liz.

They are doing another tour in the Spring, dates should be on the website soon.

And John asked us all to pre-order the new CD* from Amazon as they would like to get into the top 40  ;D
edit * of course I meant Broadside and not a new duo CD (which would be very nice)

Likewise - lovely to see Liz after such an age (and meet Mr Liz too!).  And Annie & Paul - oh it had been at least a week since we were at a gig together  ;D   

Really liked the venue - and it look less than an hour to drive there.  Shame we didn't get to see Mark - it's been ages! 

Jon forgetting the words to NYG made me giggle - given I have trouble remembering my own name nowadays :laugh:

And yes, too late for me for the Amazon order I'm afraid - I wanted the deluxe version so went for the Play pre-order.

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Re: Autumn tour 2012
« Reply #47 on: Monday, October 1 2012 04:57PM GMT-1 »
Lovely to see some of the gang. Was sorely tempted to prompt Jon on NYG but thought the top balcony was a bit far away!
If it hadn'a been for Flash Company...