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« on: Wednesday, January 13 2016 01:07AM GMT-1 »
The original posts for this topic have got locked somehow.

It was great fun - so glad I got tickets and even more so that we got in! Looking forward to hearing the broadcasts now - 11pm next Monday for the first half, then 3pm Tuesday for the question and answer session.
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Re: Mastertapes
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday, January 13 2016 01:37AM GMT-1 »
I tried to post on the original topic a couple of days ago but couldn't.

Today was such a fabulous experience, worth the early arrival to secure entry to the studio, it was far better and more audience participation than I expected!
Great that they were allowed to over-run & play more for us, overall, a Magical day.

They have dashed our hopes of a re-Union though, they made that quite definite.
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Re: Mastertapes
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday, January 13 2016 08:11PM GMT-1 »
I thought it was a brilliant day. So thrilled to be there, and right at the front too. Sorry that, in the end, did not get chance to ask my question. Will treasure the memories

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Re: Mastertapes
« Reply #3 on: Monday, January 18 2016 02:35PM GMT-1 »
It was a fabulous thing to be there for. A really fun and interesting experience. I asked my question (and the one they gave me) but I don't know how much of it will be chopped out. I'm looking forward to listening  :)
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