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Pound of Flesh
« on: Friday, November 7 2008 12:56AM GMT-1 »
Having begun to master (erm...) Lesley Crowther/NOT Font Whatling I was wondering whether Jon would be so kind as to post up the dots for Pound of Flesh, as I constantly find myself humming it as I end the first tune, and frustratingly can't pick it up properly from the CD...

It also slightly reminds me of the Inspector Gadget theme tune, which is another plus point! And another reason to actually learn the proper notes!
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Re: Pound of Flesh
« Reply #1 on: Friday, November 7 2008 01:16AM GMT-1 »
It would also save me from having to listen to the Inspector Gadget theme tune being hummed every time I play through Dennis Crowthers (or whatever it's called). Mercy, please!  ::) :D
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