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Re: Annoying Things
« Reply #9810 on: Wednesday, June 14 2017 11:17AM GMT-1 »
Thanks folks - it's bloody awful timing, but was confirmed yesterday that I'm out and my colleague has the remaining role. They wanted me in for a next meeting in 2 weeks, at which point I just laughed at them. They've left it for me to get in touch when it's suitable, so I can just ignore it until I can manage it with baby. And the payoff seems like it might make more financial sense than staying in any form, so we're looking on the positive side. And now I know, I can just focus on the baby - next few days I hope!  :o

Chris is safe, Maureen, luckily, but keeping an eye out for other jobs, as the future doesn't feel terribly secure even if this is it for now. Of course, now he doesn't even have to limit his job-search to the southeast, which is useful! (although I did point out that after 3 years of hard work on the garden, I'm a bit reluctant to start again from scratch somewhere else!). Plus, I had been very much in two minds about whether I would actually want to go back to work afterwards, so at least this makes the decision easier - if I want to, I can go out and find a suitable job  :)
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Re: Annoying Things
« Reply #9811 on: Wednesday, June 14 2017 06:30PM GMT-1 »
Oh that all sounds much more positive Ellie - and it'll be lovely for you to be able to spend all the time you want with the baby, before having to think about another job.
Don't forget to let us know when he/she arrives!
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Re: Annoying Things
« Reply #9812 on: Tuesday, July 18 2017 05:34PM GMT-1 »
OFSTED today - last week of term. Lots of nice activities cancelled! At least we won't have to worry about them turning up in September.
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