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Re: Junctions
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Well, Betty's now managed to write most of what I was going to add - this is what happens when you have the conversation about it in the car on the way home :D

I found the Tacet stuff really interesting - I would never have gone to see them off my own back, and some of the stuff I quite enjoyed. But as everyone else has already said, modern classical music does seem to lack that most basic of things - a tune!

I thought the English Year was the most outstanding of the collaborations, and really liked Barbara Allen as well - somehow these two seemed to join to two groups into more of a cohesive whole while they were playing. The other two collaborations really felt like pieces in two halves - the classical half and the folky half. I quite agree that it seemed that the classical composers hadn't quite got to grips with the melodeon or concertina properly, and so didn't take advantage of it as much as they could have. It looked to me in one of the pieces like Squeezy was having difficulty stopping playing a phrase after a mere two times through every so often :D

I was great to hear the boys playing acoustically - and they were certainly well received, even by the non-folkies in the audience!

Quote from: Betty Slippers
Princess Royal - which Squeezy has managed to put even more into (I was grinning like a loon at this point!)

Me too ;D In fact I still am if I think about it now - had to fight the urge to leap up and dance :D All in all, a very interesting evening - fascinating stuff, and it's really nice to see that work is being done to combine traditions. I'd certainly be interested to see more in this vein.
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