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Re: Nice Things
« Reply #9360 on: Wednesday, May 17 2017 11:03PM GMT-1 »
Pepper was very well behaved - we were somewhere unfamiliar so she just wanted to have a jolly good sniff. I can't take her to the local park at the moment as she pulls all the way there!
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Re: Nice Things
« Reply #9361 on: Thursday, May 18 2017 10:23AM GMT-1 »
Oh, lots of happy news! Sounds like it was a right decision Carolyn - you can tell when anyone at our work has handed in their notice, as they immediately start looking much happier  :D

Glad the recovery is progressing well Shelley - sounds like you had a lovely week away, and a bit of dog walking is always a good thing (Pepper looks like an absolute sweetie from the fb photos!).

Meanwhile I'm enjoying what feels a bit like temporary retirement - maternity leave. Haven't had time to sit down and get bored yet, and today the sun has come out, which is a very nice thing  :) And yesterday's rain has hopefully refilled the waterbutts, and made the soil considerably easier to dig and weed!
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Re: Nice Things
« Reply #9362 on: Thursday, May 18 2017 12:06PM GMT-1 »
Anna and I visited Paul yesterday and took him out for lunch, and even he seemed in a happier mood!  I hope it's catching.

The calm before the storm, Ellie!  Enjoy it all.