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« on: Tuesday, December 4 2007 11:20PM GMT-1 »
I know someone was asking where the S&B biog was. Well, I have just spotted that one has gone up now. Surely it is wrong for me and firebird to be laughing at it quite so much? In a nice way of course  ;D
I particularly like "his theatrical style that can tell the story of a 20 verse ballad from the 18th century while maintaining the audience’s attention throughout every twist and turn"
If it hadn'a been for Flash Company...


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Re: Biog!
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday, January 15 2008 03:24PM GMT-1 »
Nope i found myself tittering too, but my favourite bit was
infectious acoustic groove
he he! Tis true though, tis true! ;D

Sir Robert Peel

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Re: Biog!
« Reply #2 on: Friday, January 18 2008 03:03AM GMT-1 »
Call that a biog.  Pah!  It's a description of the current state of affairs, that's what it is. 
I know all that stuff.  I might even have written it.

No, a good biog describes the perilous journey from there to here.
It should include some excerpts from school reports, interviews with JB's violin mentors and photos of JS's hat collection. 
It should answer the question: why and how and where did two perfectly rational gentlemen embark on a risky career when they could have had proper jobs! 
Biog my sit-upon!  Pah!

Apologies.  I've just fallen over while speechifying.

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Re: Biog!
« Reply #3 on: Friday, January 18 2008 12:22PM GMT-1 »
two perfectly rational gentlemen

Steady on Sir Bob! Should we be hurling around such presumptions without the Biog for evidence?!   :o  :D
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