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Re: Floodplain
« Reply #45 on: Wednesday, July 22 2009 02:37PM GMT-1 »

Oh dear...I hope not!

(the topic summaries down there look a bit odd...)
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Re: Floodplain
« Reply #46 on: Wednesday, August 5 2009 03:02PM GMT-1 »
Oh well. The "Token Folk Act" never wins the prize anyway.
according the 'the NOW Show' to win you have to make a song that's 'well mexico' lol!
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Re: Floodplain
« Reply #47 on: Thursday, March 8 2012 10:46PM GMT-1 »
Thought I'd give this a wee bump.  Been playing this album again today.  I still find it quite unsettling to listen to.  Although some of the concepts seem quite remote, when you think about them you realise they're actually unnervingly close.  Not necessarily big world events like the 7 billion population or tensions in Iran.  Things closer to home that undermine your fundamental securities like the ever rising cost of fuel, even the riots I suppose a bit.  It's certainly not a jolly album but very powerful and stays with you long afterwards.

 I was just wondering if anyone had heard whether Jon had plans to write another solo album.  If so, i wonder what direction he would go in after Floodplain?

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Re: Floodplain
« Reply #48 on: Friday, March 9 2012 12:06AM GMT-1 »
Yes, would be lovely to have another solo album. Suppose he's a little busy with Bellowhead right now. Hopefully he'll get round to another at some point.

Floodplain is a fantastic album.
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Re: Floodplain
« Reply #49 on: Friday, March 9 2012 09:23AM GMT-1 »
He seems to do multiple things at once, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's one in the pipeline.  I've been thinking about it recently too and it really does stay with you.