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New Mawkin Facebook Official Fan Group
« on: Friday, November 4 2016 12:16AM GMT-1 »
Right everyone - there is a new Facebook Group on the block :) The Mawkin Fan group was shut down unexpectedly earlier this week and so Simon and myself, with the approval of Mawkin, have just set up another one. I'm going to be pimping it out everywhere I can possible think of but as Bellowhead fans I think we all grew to love the lads when they supported our guys in April and so, if you use Facebook, we'd love you to join the new group and come and say hello :)

We're hoping this group will have a chattier, friendlier atmosphere than the old one, which had been set up so that all posts had to be approved by Admin and this meant it wasn't very spontaneous, you couldn't just chat as you never knew when your post would appear.   Mawkin have approved our new group as the Official one and all the band have joined it - well apart from Lee who doesn't use Facebook - and Danny has already been posting pics :)

If you'd like to join it's here:
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